WISE: Low life expectancy rates in Southeast are not a ‘black’ problem; it’s all our problem. – WUSA9.com – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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The disturbing statistics linking geography in and around Washington with recent life-expectancy rates buries the hard truth: the District is still a city sadly divided by race, class and income.

WASHINGTON — As wrong as it is, we always intuitively knew where the life-expectancy lines were drawn in America: Poor black neighborhoods churn out people who die much earlier than affluent, white neighborhoods, who tend to churn out people that often live into their 90s. 

We even know most of the reasons: Systemic oppression and racism that begets poverty. Maybe even more, the fear of being poor or jobless, how much stress that puts on your heart, mind and relationships. The psychological in all this is seminal.

Still, when the latest “Mortality Equity” maps were released, flat-out, a man in Woodley Park in Northwest DC is liable to live to 89.4 years and, conversely, a man in the St. Elizabeth’s neighborhood of Sou

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