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A Fresno City Council audit subcommittee is amenable to taking an internal look at the city’s finances. But, members say they do not want it to turn into a witch hunt.

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“Audits are not meant to be used as political weapons,” Councilman Miguel Arias said during Wednesday’s special public meeting of the finance and audit committee.

Last week, Councilman Garry Bredefeld accused four councilmembers of abusing city-issued credit cards and individual $700,000 budgets for district needs.

Committee member Tyler Maxwell is “not opposed to an audit,” but wants to expand it to look at the “entire city’s finances and efficiency.”

“There are many steps our city can take to increase that transparency, but what I do not agree with is a politically motivated audit led by a single council member that only focuses on the expenses of four City Councilmembers he disagrees with politically,” Maxwell said.

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