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Whoopi Goldberg said the Holocaust was just “white people doing it to white people”. (Photo by Dave … [+] Kotinsky/Getty Images)

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In 2021, almost a third of Jewish college students reported personally experiencing anti-Semitism directed at them on campus or by a member of their college community. In some ways, this is unsurprising since anti-Semitic hate crimes have been rising nationally. But campuses are supposed to be oases of tolerance that are especially concerned with the well-being of minority groups. So why is there so much anti-Semitism on college campuses?

Whoopi Goldberg’s recent comments on The View about the Holocaust provide an important part of the explanation. The progressive left, who have a strong presence on college campuses, have had a very hard time seeing Jews as anything other than a particularly privileged subset of white people. (The hard right has their own issues with Jews, which are discussed later in this post.) On The View, Goldberg repeatedly insisted that the Holocaust was not about race. That was a simply incredible thing to say given that Hitler was adamant that a subset of Germans (excluding Jews, of course) formed a “Master Race”.

Nonetheless, Goldberg couldn’t get past the idea that the Nazis and Jews w

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