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One year ago I published An Editor’s View of Race, Racism, and Equity, where I described our plans at Health Affairs to use our resources and power to reverse the accumulated negative effects of racism on scholarly publishing.  By my nature, I tend to focus on the work to be done and lament that progress is slower than I want it to be. Yet, many have told us we are leaders in the field and have encouraged me to be more public about the steps we are taking, the choices we are making, and the lessons we are learning along the way. My equity director, Dr. Vabren Watts, reminds me that being public about our work is a form of accountability. And this moment certainly cries out for accountability.

This is the first of an ongoing series of Forefront articles to describe our approach. These pieces are offered as food for thought, with no expectation or presumption that we are making the “right” or “best” choices in an area where learning must be everyone’s top priority.

Inequality is everywhere, and inequity – by which I mean differences that are not attributable to justifiable reas

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