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This is a rush transcript of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on January 4, 2022. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.


One of the weirdest features in modern life has got to be how we’ve all been trained to ignore the things that really matter. You might have wondered, just to pick one among so many examples why hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans seem to be living in squalor on the sidewalk? How’d that happen?

These are the so-called homeless. Drugs have destroyed their lives. So where did those drugs come from exactly? And why is no one asking?

And speaking of chemicals, men in America seem very different from what they used to be. Anyone over 40 knows this, the changes are dramatic. You can’t help but notice. Could those changes have something to do with the unprecedented drop in testosterone levels that scientists have measured repeatedly?

And by the way, if that’s happening, why is it happening? And so on. There are so many questions like this, but we rarely talk about any of them.

Instead, we’re told repeatedly to avert our gaze from the obvious and turn instead to CNN’s latest fixation, whether it’s a Chinese flu virus, or George Floyd, or some forgettable border dispute in Eastern Ukraine. These are the issues they tell us we must care about.

But they’re wrong. These are not the most important issues. They’re just news stories.

The only remarkable thing about them is our willingness to believe they are more important than say Americans living outdoors on the sidewalk, or whether or not our own children get married. There is something a little scary about watching this happen. It’s like an entire population transfixed by issues that ultimately don’t really matter.

How is it going to work out?

Well, over time, probably not very well. Reality always reasserts itself.

Twitter can ban all the thought criminals it wants, but in the end, Twitter is not in charge of the future. Nature is in charge of the future. If you want your country to continue, you have to answer nature’s imperatives which are the basics.

Do you have enough water? Do you have a reliable food supply? Can you defend yourself from invaders? What are you using for energy? How are you producing things and keeping warm? Those are the essential questions that any civilization must ask. Those and one other — how many people do you want living in your country?

The size of your population matters very much. The size determines the nation’s character. It often determines its fate. Yet, we don’t talk much about the size of our population, we probably should.

The United States is growing faster than most Americans understand. If you were born in 1969, and some of us were, you arrived in a country with a little over 200 million people in it. There now 334 million people in it. That’s an awful lot of new people in an awfully short time.

How many people is that exactly? Well, it’s nearly twice the population of the entire Western United States. That’s 13 states, including California. That is massive and incredibly rapid demographic growth — and it is accelerating. Immigration is now at the highest level ever recorded in American history, so is the number of foreign born already living here.

Over just the last year, roughly two million people from the third world came across our borders illegally. All of them arrived with the blessing of the White House. It makes you wonder what sort of economy Joe Biden imagines we’re going to have going forward.

Domestic manufacturing is in steep decline. Automation is replacing many of the low skilled jobs that still remain. So, what are these millions of new people going to be doing for work 20 years from now? They can’t all be Nancy Pelosi’s housekeepers. They can’t all bus tables at the French Laundry in Napa. And not all of them will, thank God.

In spite of the Democratic Party’s best efforts to import a permanent serf class to serve its donors, some of these immigrants will rise higher than Nancy Pelosi expects they will. Some will fight their way to the top of our society with the usual combination of inborn talent and grit. And honestly bless them for that.

No one invited them here. We didn’t want them to come, but we will be sincerely glad when they succeed. And yet, a country is more than the success of a handful of people inspiring is that always is to watch. Sheer numbers matter, too.

Even if every single person snuck across our southern border this year goes on to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, it would still be worth worrying about the effects that mass immigration have on our total population numbers.

So the question is, how many people is too many?

In Washington, you will never hear that question. More bodies in a country mean more power for the people who run it. Big nations need big governments. Politicians always want more people to rule, so the incentive for unrestrained population growth is baked right into the system. That’s bad news for the rest of us.

First, and most obviously, Big Governments don’t treat their citizens very well. Yes, that’s a Reagan-era talking point. It’s also true. The larger a bureaucracy becomes, the more impersonal it gets.

Past a certain size, organizations of any kind lose their regard for people. As they get bigger, they get blunter, more soulless, and cruel. The people in charge no longer care what you think, they don’t have to worry about how their policies will affect you or your family, and that’s the inevitable product of population growth.

If you had five children, you would bathe them all in love and attention. If you had 5,000 children, you wouldn’t know their names.

So in case you’re wondering why our leaders no longer seem especially interested in your health or happiness or prosperity, that’s the reason. They don’t have to be interested, our population is too big.

Why should your opinion matter? You’re one of many.

Previous generations of Americans didn’t live in a country like this and they would be stunned by the attitudes that are so common now, attitudes we take for granted. Arresting people for walking through the U.S. Capitol Building? How is that a crime? Nineteenth Century Americans would wonder.

For most of our history, Americans believed they owned the Capitol. They thought it was theirs because they assumed this was their country. Political leaders told them that it was.

After the 1904 presidential election, Teddy Roosevelt greeted voters in person on the lawn of the White House. It was his home. He lived there, but it belonged to them.

Attitudes like that are long gone. They are the victim of population growth. The Athenians invented democratic government. But at its peak, Athens only had a

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