Transparency! Accountability! Watchdog! Two Democrats are trying — seriously — to get voters excited about the auditor’s race. – The Boston Globe – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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On the campaign trail, the Democrats make promises of bringing climate action to the office, auditing agencies through a racial equity lens, and holding the Legislature accountable, all of which go beyond what’s required of the office by law: To audit the state entities at least once every three years and offer recommendations.

“The auditor can’t force anyone to do anything, let’s be clear,” Bump said recently.

Even so, the announcement of her retirement set off a race to usher in a new era for the office and to get people to care.

In the 2014 general election, 9 percent of voters — a whopping 198,844 people — left the auditor’s race blank, the biggest dropoff among statewide races that year.

The candidates are aware of what they are up against, and say capitalizing on the position’s role as a watchdog will help people understand and, hopefully, remember to vote.

“I am not going to go and count beans in the back room,” said DiZoglio, a former state representative and union chief of staff. “The state auditor’s role is to stand up, speak truth to power, and hold the powerful accountable.”

Dempsey said his experience as an assistant secretary of transportation under former governor Deval Patrick — in the “guts of the bureaucracy” — is what makes him the most qualif

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DC Initiative on Racial Equity

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