To the new administration: let’s embrace DEI on campus – The Michigan Daily – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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The past several days have been a trying time for Ann Arbor. With the dire knish shortage and hours-long Pizza House wait times, students have been forced to subsist on overpriced calzones. Even worse, as University of Michigan students unravel the vast conspiracy against them, they have been driven into pangs of loneliness, finding solace only in clandestine private briefings.

All jokes aside, this moment is an inflection point for the University of Michigan. As the dust settles at the end of a disgraced administration, it’s high time we take stock of where our values have strayed as a university and determine what our objectives must be going forward. Our choice of a new president will guide the direction of the school for many years to come, so it’s paramount that we not only identify a strong leader but also — in the process — reassert our commitment to the University’s core values.

The first and most important area of improvement for the University is reviving a student-centric leadership approach. To restore trust after the multitude of recent scandals, the administration must take the time to truly listen to the student population and address their needs. After two years of an inconsistent pandemic response, many students yearn for the administration to make meaningful stri

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DC Initiative on Racial Equity

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