Three Quarters of Employees Say Racial Equity Policies Are Not Genuine – Canada NewsWire – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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New Catalyst research shows that 68% of employees also say their employers’ Covid-related policies are not genuine.

, /CNW/ — In 2020, as employers were grappling with the pandemic and renewed calls for racial justice, many responded with new policies and pronouncements. But according to a survey of nearly 7,000 employees in 14 countries around the globe conducted by Catalyst, more than two out of three employees (68%) believe their organization’s coronavirus-related policies for the care and safety of their workers were not genuine. In White-majority countries, three-quarters of employees reported that their organization’s racial equity policies were not genuine.

The report, Words Aren’t Enough: The Risks of Performative Policies, shows that it’s not enough to announce policies or issue statements. Organizations must follow through and take meaningful action. The data show that employees are savvy and recognize when company policies are merely performative—and when that is the conclusion they reach, there are consequences for organizations, including less engagement and intent to stay among employees.

“This report is a wake-up call for CEOs and other senior leaders at a time when employers are still facing high turnov

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