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Since 2005, we at Nonprofit VOTE have worked to help America’s nonprofits engage the communities they serve in voting and elections, with the goal of fostering a more inclusive electorate. But, until now, we never had a clear picture of the share of nonprofits—from food pantries and health centers, to arts and cultural groups—actually doing voter engagement work. That is: what is the current baseline we’re seeking to build upon? This is a question I have explored many times, in my role as executive director, with the diverse array of nonprofit leaders on our Leadership Council. Then, two months ago, we stumbled upon a recent survey of nonprofits across the nation from the Urban Institute. Buried deep in the survey data file, and not reported in any public documents otherwise, was a question about whether the nonprofit did voter engagement, including get-out-the-vote work, voter registration, and voter education.

As we dove into the data, we found ourselves learning about far more than simply the share of nonprofits doing voter engagement work. Indeed, we learned about which nonprofits were driving the trend and r

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