The Fight for Political Equity in Fresno County Isn’t Over – – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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The 2020 Fresno County Board of Supervisors’ redistricting process for mapping new boundaries ended in heated controversy and profound dissatisfaction for large numbers of residents. Frustrated over years of political neglect, many felt an urgency to address social inequities across the districts by favoring significant changes in district boundaries.

Yet if the heavy community turnout to voice preferences in the numerous proposed maps is any indication, there is wide spread interest in finally mitigating disparities in services, resources, and political representation across districts. We don’t have to wait another ten years to act.

Goal is Fair Allocation of Government Resources

Finding remedy for social inequities by centering on supervisorial districts is not a new concept.

Paul Garcia

Paul Garcia


In 2011, the Board of Supervisors were at a stalemate on how to expand

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DC Initiative on Racial Equity

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