The Critical Race Theory Minefield has Exploded in Austin-area School Districts. – Austin Monthly – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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Illustration by Richard A. Chance.

Scoldings may be common on school grounds, but the Eanes ISD School Board couldn’t have prepared for the dressing down they received from a parade of irate parents last summer.

“You have opened up a Pandora’s box by allowing pride, trans, and BLM attire and flags to be worn in the schools,” 55-year-old Susan Tipton-
Hines seethed, her voice rising to a bellow as accusations comparing the educational institution to Communist China rolled off her tongue. “You are forcing students who do not agree with your agenda to be silent, compliant.” 

Charges of Marxism and the rise of antifa in the West Austin district’s A-rated hallways were hurled at that June meeting, even as the board tried to trumpet the district’s college acceptance rates and robotics state championship. Why? In 2020, Eanes had hired Mark Gooden, a professor at Columbia Univ

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