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From Web3 to racial equity to tech mafias, will devote extra coverage to these 12 timely topics this year.

Startup health, software trends and the future of local: Check out’s 2022 editorial calendar

The Technically Media team at our virtual All-Team Day, Dec. 22, 2021.

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We said it last year and it’s still true now: While it’s tempting to herald the new year as a saving grace, many of 2020’s challenges will linger far into 2022. But there are also signs of progress.

This past week, the US has seen the worst surge of COVID-19 cases in the entirety of the pandemic. Yet, encouragingly, the FDA has authorized the vaccine for children. Fewer than 200,000 jobs were added to the economy in December — but the unemployment rate hit a pandemic low. And while companies closing for a “break” has become code for their employees being out with the coronavirus, the majority of business owners are … optimistic?

As we approach a third full year of the pandemic, all of these topics will be incorporated into’s regular reporting in 2022. They’ll also feature prominently in reporting of our editorial calendar themes.’s editorial calendar is a reporting series with monthly themes relevant to our niche group of readers. The idea is to give our journalists an opportunity to dive deeper into 12 topics that local technologists, entrepreneurs, company leaders and innovators care about (while still maintaining our regular diversity of coverage).

First up: Startup Health Month.

This January, we want to hear from founders who have learned from success and failure alike: When should you keep building, and when is it time to pivot, give up or bring in people more experienced than you to lead your company to its next phase? What’s the best way to fund a young company, and is Regulation Crowdfunding really the next big thing?

We’s also publish roundups of startup-boosting events and resources, analyses of reports on economic outlook, and closer looks at healthy hiring pra

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