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Posted on: January 10, 2022; Updated on: January 10, 2022
By Page Ivey,, 803-777-3085

Two faculty members and a student have been recognized for their social justice efforts on campus and in the larger community as 2022 Social Justice Award winners.

The University of South Carolina created the Social Justice Awards to recognize individuals who have exemplified the philosophies of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. through acts of community service, social justice or racial reconciliation.

The 2022 selections include a student spurred to action by the mistreatment of Black defendants in her hometown, an education professor whose entire career has been spent trying to bring diversity, inclusion and an anti-racist mindset to preparing teachers and a law professor who is working to create a restorative system of justice that requires penance from pepetrators while attempting to make victims whole.

The three will be honored at the university’s annual MLK Commemorative Breakfast on Friday (Jan. 14).

Courtney McClain

Courtney McClain

Courtney McClain says the September 2020 arrest of two Black men in her hometown Spartanburg County in a controversial case started her on a path of activism for racial equity and social justice.

Based on early reports that the men had fired at deputies, the Spartanburg County sheriff said his deputies could have fired back and said the men behaved like “idiots.” When it turned out the men were not actually firing at the deputies and those charges

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