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Written by Katherine Welander

Earlier this month, Shared Decision-Making Site Council (SDMSC) Chair John Giambruno presented M-A’s grade breakdown for this year’s fall semester. Overall, the data shows an increase in As and a decrease in Fs between this year and last year’s fall semesters, but the grade disparity between ethnic groups remains the same.

Giambruno explained that given the transition from distance learning to in-person, this year might have been easier, a “lay-up year,” and that it should be noted that “there’s so many variables that go into combining that data. Between COVID-19, return to school, stress, changes to school personnel, it’s a lot.” 

Principal Karl Losekoot said the goal of looking at this data is “always to identify areas that are working and areas that are not, reflect on best practices, and figure out better ways of supporting students.” He explained some of the key ways M-A is doing this such as “supporting professional development around standards based gr

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