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ROELAND PARK, Kan. — Roeland Park city leaders are searching for ways to remove discriminatory language from property-related documents on homes throughout the city.  

City Attorney Steve Maurer said initial research done on properties within the city showed racially discriminatory language was found in three types of land related documents: plats, deeds and covenants and restriction agreements created by homeowner associations. 

“We cannot change the publicly filed documents. They are there; they are a part of our history. We cannot erase them from the Johnson County Recorder of Deeds’ Office. We can, if the council would so choose — we can take a series of steps so that it’s not the top document,” Maurer said 


When a developer wants to subdivide a piece of land to build a series of homes, they are required to file a plat with the city. A plat is a document that outlines the acreage of the land, where lots will be divided for individual homes and where streets would potentially be. 

A preliminary review of the recorded plats showed that four plats in Roeland Park contain racially discriminatory language that prohibited lots from being sold to a person of color.

Maurer said much of the rest

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