Restitution hearing set for Santa Cruz’s BLM street art vandalism – The Mercury News – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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SANTA CRUZ — Legal authorities have set a May date to wrangle over the cost to repair vandalized Black Lives Matter street art downtown.

Brandon Bochat. 

Attorneys for Brandon Bochat, 21, of Santa Cruz, and Hagan Warner, 20, of Boulder Creek, made their request Thursday for a restitution hearing in lieu of moving toward a trial. Such a hearing, not typically held ahead of a final outcome in legal matters, will allow Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge Syda Cogliati to definitively rule on the issue, however.

Cogliati asked prosecutor Michael Mahan to return May 31 with a restitution offer that “makes the victims whole,” including documentation of both artwork damage costs and community benefit/restorative justice proposals.

“It does make some sense to give them some certainty as to restitution,” Cogliati said.

Boulder Creek resident Hagan Warner, 19, was arrested for felony vandalis

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