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Welcome to Race on Campus. A new Idaho law stops short of barring instructors from teaching critical race theory, and Leslie Madsen, an associate professor of history at Boise State University, plans teach it in one of her spring courses. She broke down the nuances of the law in a Twitter thread telling students there was room in the course. Read my interview with her below.

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Leslie Madsen has spots open in her spring course on women and gender in the American West, at Boise State University.

Madsen, an associate professor of history and associate director of the university’s Center for Teaching and Learning, teaches the course every few years, and each time she adjusts the material. For the coming semester she plans to teach, among other things, the histories of mixed-race families in the West, the Zoot Suit Riots, and the internment of Japanese Americans. She’s working on getting activists to talk to the class. And she’s going to have students engage with critical race theory.

Critical race theory examines the relationship between race, racism, and the American legal system. For many conservative lawmakers, the discipline is a flashpoint, and they describe it as discriminatory. In Idaho a new state law takes a shot at critical race theory but stops short of forb

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