Georgetown’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences announced that the U.S Department of Education awarded the school’s Program of Educational Transformation (MAET) a $2.6 million, five-year National Professional Development (NPD) grant to support Project ELEECT (English Learners’ Educational Excellence Capitol Teacher Training). The project serves to alleviate a long-standing deficiency in multilingual education training for new and existing teachers in D.C. public schools.

The project is led by three principal investigators, Prof. Sabrina Wesley-Nero and Prof. Crissa Stephens. Both bring their experience with multilingual teaching and research in community-oriented efforts to promote educational equity and lead the pedagogical and sociolinguistic concentrations of the program. Prof. Douglass Reed, also the director of the master’s program in educational transformation, focuses on administration and coordination within the project. 

Project ELEECT partners with more than 15 local charter schools, as well as D.C. public schools, and was designed with the NPD grant in mind. The grant supports both of Project ELEECT’s main goals: providing professional support and increasing the f