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In June, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to a prison term of 22 ½ years for the murder of George Floyd. In the 18 months since Floyd’s death a lot of things have changed. And so much has not. In today’s Daily Dose we’ve set out to collate OZY’s most important reporting and research, delving into the persistent problems, and remarkable rises, hoping to change the country for the better.


1 – Where Is the Next MLK?

Inequality. Sexuality. Race. Gender. These and a host of other societal issues are being openly discussed like never before in America. Still, many wonder why there aren’t more consensus-building leaders emerging to take on those challenges — a Martin Luther King Jr., for the modern age. Here, we dive into what has changed since the civil rights movement of MLK, who may be poised to follow in his footsteps or whether anyone should even try. By the end, we hope to get a bit closer to resetting America.

2 – How America’s Original Sin Lives On

America’s original sin — slavery — may have been outlawed more than 150 years ago, but it’s far from an arcane issue that was put to rest more than a century ago. It still plagues the soul of that nation, and beyond, with its many modern-day iterations — whether in West Africa, the Persian Gulf or on cruise ships — a crushing reality for countless misfortunate people. And yet, the debate around how, or even if it’s possible, to make amends for the past has rarely been as vibrant. In this Daily Dose, we pick up that discussion, exploring how long-standing structures of raci

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