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We’re living in a new age of AI and automation. Robots and computers, long used for performing routine physical tasks, are now more cognitively capable than ever. Businesses are increasingly adopting these technologies to aid and scale deep thinking and analysis. For instance, nearly two-thirds of 1,000 business executives we surveyed said they plan to increase their investments in AI. We do, too, and we’ve already begun.

Our Technology & Digital function works inside McKinsey to innovate firm tools and processes, ensuring we bring the best to our clients. All of our people in the function are encouraged to solve problems, pursue new ideas, and launch new products.

We felt that these innovations could take more advantage of AI or automation to achieve their aims. After some assessment, we realized that many of our colleagues in the function had an opportunity to learn more about AI and new techniques, such as natural language processing and machine learning. We decided to invest in scaling these skills and capabilities.

Our approach

Our firm is a recognized industry leader in AI. We began this effort

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