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And yet, there are places that buck these trends. On this MLK Day, it’s worth paying attention to the local communities where processes of racial reckoning similar to those imagined by King are occurring. More than any other governments to which voters send representatives, cities are taking the lead in atoning for past racial sins and trying to disrupt ongoing segregation that creates opportunity for some and denies it to many others.

These communities might be exceptions, but they offer inspiring examples of what can happen when people of good will commit to this work — a reminder of what a true celebration of MLK might look like. Much more than a day of service, this holiday is an annual call to individuals to do more than display beautiful signs valuing Black lives, science or love. One needs to act, in coalition, to show it.

Why are cities leading? As with the civil rights era sit-in movement, in which Black Americans across the South demanded to eat, shop and go where they wanted, there is a long tradition of advocacy for creating radical change by starting close to home. Ruth Wilson Gilmore, a geographer and prison abolitionist, has called for “abolition geography,” which “starts from the homely premise that freedom is a place.” For Gilmore, this means “being in the world trying every little thing” to establish a new social order in the places where we live

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