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By Nicole Neri  |  Bucks County Courier Times

Think back on a regular workday this year, maybe a Monday in January or February. It had its ups and downs. It was rainy, dreary. You left home before the sun came up; roadwork caused long traffic delays. Seeing colleagues you’ve come to know and like brightened it somewhat. But there were frustrations, too. Maybe a busted umbrella; maybe a new hole in your shoe. And, on top of that, the added stress of the complex considerations you’re constantly assessing to keep yourself and your family safe from the coronavirus.

If you’re a woman, the money you made that day was already in a man’s pocket by Dec. 31.

That’s the idea behind Equal Pay Day — the date on the calendar each year through which a woman who works full-time, all year-round has to work in order to get paid the same amount a man did the previous year. For 2022, Equal Pay Day is today, March 15, 74 days after New Year’s Eve. Thinking through this lens helps drive home the fundamental unfairness of the persistent gender and racial wage gap in our country. The wage gap is even larger for Black women at 64% and for Hispanic women it’s 57% co

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