Oakland and Alameda County reach agreement on lead-paint money – The Oaklandside – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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Oakland is poised to receive $14 million from a lawsuit, to address the harm caused by lead paint in certain neighborhoods. Credit: Pete Rosos

After two years of negotiations, Oakland and Alameda County officials are poised to finalize an agreement on the division of funds from a lawsuit settlement with manufacturers of lead-based paint. 

The new agreement, which the Oakland City Council is expected to sign off on today, would allow 60% of the funds, or $14 million, to serve Oakland residents. The other 40% would be reserved for use in the rest of the county. Oakland officials say they plan to launch an “equity-based” program targeting inspection and abatement services in the neighborhoods most affected by the lead crisis.

In 2000, several California jurisdictions joined Santa Clara County in suing paint companies—Sherwin-Williams, ConAgra Grocery Products, and NL Industries—that for decades sold toxic prod

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