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Ethan DeWitt  |  New Hampshire Bulletin

Midway through a House Education Committee hearing Tuesday, a member of the committee posed a weighty question to the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire.

“There are academic people out there in New Hampshire and everywhere, who advocate in classes … for ideologies, for movements, and for people who favor the violent overthrow of our government,” said Rep. Mike Moffett, a Loudon Republican. “Is this treasonous, seditious behavior in classrooms OK with you?”

Devon Chaffee of the ACLU replied that she had no indication that that type of instruction was happening in New Hampshire higher education. 

“That is not the type of activity or discussion in classrooms that we are seeing being shut down by the existing banned concepts law,” she said. 

Moffett moved on. But the exchange marked the beginning of a new front in the political battle over teaching techniques in New Hampshire schools, and a preview of a bitter debate to come. 

K-12 teachers, now colleges?

A year after passing into law a set of regulations barring K-12 teachers from certain instruction around race and gender, some Republican lawmakers are pressing to extend the regulations to the state’s public colleges and universities. 

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Introduced this month, House Bill 1313 would build on legislation added to the state budget trailer bill in 2021 that barred teachers from teaching that one race, gender, or other protected class was inherently superior or advantaged over another; that members of one protected were inherently oppressive over members of another class, consciously or unconsciously; and that members of one

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