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Every week we publish a new episode of our EdSurge Podcast about the future of learning, a way to hear the voices of students, educators and leaders as they puzzle out some of the thorniest issues facing education.

In 2021, we told the story of a student who was surprised to learn that the professor featured in his online course lecture videos died years ago. We heard from a college president who moved into a dorm on his campus during a COVID-19 lockdown to learn more about the mental-health challenges students face. And we heard from a K-12 teacher who was among the thousands of U.S. educators that lost their gigs tutoring students in China online once that country put in new restrictions against such businesses.

As the year winds down, we’re highlighting the 10 episodes that got the most listens this year.

Three themes emerged. One is that people are interested in how new technologies coming out might impact education. For instance, one of our most popular episodes looked at whether NFTs could have a role in classrooms and educational systems. And we also looked at whether home robots could come to classrooms, and that one made the list as well.

The second theme was an interest in improving diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in education. We had a couple of popular episodes about antiracism, and that’s a topic we’ll continue to cover in the year ahead.

And last but not least, listeners gravitated to episodes we did that revisited the history of longstanding educational narratives and looked how we got here. In fact, our most popular episode of the year was about the strange and messy history of gifted and talented programs in the U.S.

Most set out to bring you voices you might not have heard before. But some big names got the most listens, including our interviews with civil rights pioneer and longtime university president Freeman Hrabowski, with emeritus president of Columbia University’s Teachers College Arthur Levine and with prominent edtech critic Audrey Watters.

Below are the 10 top episodes of 2021 as voted by listeners. If you missed any of these or want to follow us into 2022, please su

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