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Kristi Girdharry, lecturer and director of the Babson Writing Center, is interested in stories—the stories we create about the world we live in, the stories we tell ourselves. She came to Babson two years ago and is making an impact on the way students, staff, faculty, and others in the community express themselves through writing and collaborate on projects together.

She holds a doctorate in English from Northeastern University and has published extensively on subjects ranging from crowdsourcing to the Boston Marathon bombings to the way oral histories are created and shared. Her research often examines who participates in story-sharing spaces and what those stories reveal about race, class, and inclusion/exclusion. Recently, she wrote an article, “Mindfully Shifting to an Explicitly Antiracist Writing Center,” and, along her with staff, has started to apply that practice to Babson’s Writing Center.

The Q&A

What does it mean to be an Antiracist Writing Center?

“In the past few years, there’s been a lot of public discourse on the fact that it’s not enough to be ‘not a racist,’ it’s important to be ‘anti-racism.’ One is a state of being, the other is an active agent in recognizing and working to change policies and procedures that affect larger systems of racism and oppression. But, public discourse can feel a bit out of reach—how am I, as a college student or even a professor, supposed to do this while also trying to survive all of the current stresses of our world? When it came to running the Writing Center, it didn’t feel right to add this as an agenda item along with how to care for oneself during a pan

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