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“The West has been fooled into believing the Conservatives will finally bring fairness and respect to our region.  Shame on us.”



21 hours ago


March 13, 2022

There are two things always at the forefront of Maverick Party thinking,  fairness for the West and independence. They go together like salt and pepper. Peanut butter and jam

Our #7 guiding principle is NO affiliation with any western provincial or territorial parties.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have our preferences, but we are committed to encouraging and working with any premier and western government who pursue the aforementioned fairness and independence.

In practical terms, this means we encourage all Westerners to hold their provincial governments accountable, especially the premiers.  What action are they taking in pursuit of greater fairness and autonomy for their province or territory?  If they’re just continuing to talk about it, then move to replace them as being ineffective to the longer-term goal of a brighter destiny for the West!  If the West is EVER going to be treated with the respect we deserve, we need leaders who are prepared to do more than just ask for it!

Before I get further into this, let me reiterate, as I’ve done countless times, that independence does not necessarily mean separatism or a singular focus on advocating for a sovereign Western nation.  It could very well mean that Westerners choose some form of sovereignty-association or a nation-within-a-nation like the track Quebec has been pursuing for decades. Autonomy from Ottawa where practical, not necessarily outright separatism.  A reformed system of taxation in the West, outright control of immigration, a Western pension plan, keeping the billions of dollars in so-called equalization transfers in the West for the West, absolute 100% control over development, production, transport, and market of our own natural resources, to name but a few.

So, step one is for provincial and territorial voters to select political parties, politicians, and leaders that will truly stand up for the West.  Not just talk about it, not just write a letter or spout off in interviews about “evil” Ottawa, but as Preston Manning often reminds us, to actually “Do somethi

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