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The designation won’t solve the problems far too many Americans who feel as if they have to work twice as hard to move two steps forward, only to be fall a step back again. Nevertheless, the fact the president signed the Juneteenth federal holiday into law shows that progress on racial equity is possible.

As the Reverend Markel Hutchins recently wrote, “To a large extent, Juneteenth represents how the starting line in the race for freedom and justice in the U.S. has been pushed back for Black people.”

It will definitely be worth watching those side-eyes to see how many companies approach the holiday next year – business leaders’ constant talk about diversity, inclusion and equity, only to tell its employees, “nah, it’s not a holiday for you” will make for awkward optics a year from now.

That decision about whether or not Juneteenth will be a holiday for companies’ employees aside, the private sector can and should do its part to ensure racial equity is the goal, not a buzzword. Rev. Hutchins certainly has his ideas, which largely sums up what all of us, and our organizations could do. Based on our coverage of the fight for racial justice over the past several years, we here at TriplePundit have put together a few suggestions as well.

First, be authentic about your work in the first place: Words aren’t enough.

Recently, 3p’s senior editor, Mary Mazzoni, spoke with Gary Cunningham, the president and CEO of Prosperity Now, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that focuses on economic mobility for people of color and low-income citizens.

“I would argue this is the first step, not the last step,” Cunningham summed up as he discussed companies’ public statements and financial commitments to advance racial e

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