Juneteenth commercialization is ‘ridiculous’ and ‘inappropriate,’ professor says – Yahoo Finance – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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University of Southern California Marshall School of Business Professor Shaun Harper joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the commercialization of Juneteenth, race and corporate America, and the outlook for social justice.

Video Transcript

JULIE HYMAN: In the summer of 2020, many companies rolled out diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the wake of the George Floyd protests. Let’s take a look at where those efforts stand now, two years later. We also, of course, have just passed Juneteenth, where we saw a lot of examples of companies putting out Juneteenth themed products. But again, is there a disconnect between that public-facing image and what companies are actually doing in terms of racial justice?

Let’s bring in Shaun Harper. He’s a provost professor at the USC Marshall School of Business. Shaun, thank you so much for being here. Let’s take the Juneteenth example first. Companies got a lot of attention for Juneteenth themed products that they were coming out with that didn’t necessarily reflect the spirit of the holiday, although y

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