JONES/KING: Maryland Has a Chance to Be a National Model for Making Racial Equity a Reality – – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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In Maryland, we have taken the challenge of inclusivity and justice — not simply equality — seriously.

We, as a state and a nation, have had the tendency to focus on criminal justice reform and affirmative action programs as the only ways to advance justice for Black Americans. While we need structural change from addressing harmful policing practices to reforming our youth justice system, we also need to lay the groundwork for future prosperity by providing excellent public education and postsecondary options for all Black students, expanding access to affordable housing and preventing harmful redlining and eviction practices, and ensuring full participation in corporate America for Black Americans.

The data is clear — greater diversity leads to greater prosperity. Greater prosperity and a better economy help every American, regardless of race. But we have tried band-aid efforts for decades that have not lifted up communities of color in a meaningful way.

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DC Initiative on Racial Equity

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