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For the second time in three months, a meeting of the Revere Human Rights Commission (HRC) was forced to adjourn when a small but vocal group of persons became disruptive at the tail end of the meeting.

HRC chairperson Janine Grillo Marra gaveled the meeting to an abrupt end when audience members refused to heed her request to speak only when recognized at the podium. Although the comments made by the audience members were inaudible on the livestream feed (the Journal’s reporter was not in attendance), it was apparent that some of those in attendance were making comments out-loud.

The meeting began with a preview of what was to come later when an audience member stepped forward expressing a desire to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. However, Marra informed the woman that she would have an opportunity to speak during the public forum portion of the meeting.

Marra then gaveled the meeting to order.

“Well, that was an odd way to begin,” noted Marra.

In addition to Marra, fellow commissioners Lynn Alexis, Fire Chief Chris Bright, Police Chief David Callahan, Chai Hossani, Rachid Moukhabir, Kourou Pich, Rev. Timothy Bogertman, and Dr. Lourenco Garcia were in attendance, as well as the HRC’s Executive Director, Dr. Maritsa Barros, EdD, who is the city’s recently-appointed Chief Officer of Talent and Culture.

After the roll call of commissioners, the commission held what it refers to on its agenda as a “Land Acknowledgement,” which, Marra said, “helps us to remember the history of this land and pay honor to that.”

Marra first presented a slide th

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