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About a year into the pandemic, after millions of people lost their jobs, Congress approved nearly $50 billion to help renters pay back rent and avoid eviction. That money trickled out slowly through a patchwork of state and local programs. Some tenants had a hard time taking advantage of it. Add to that an evolving expiration date on federal, state and local eviction bans. It was a lot to keep track of, said Ann Orshay (ph), a renter in Los Angeles.


ANN ORSHAY: Because there are all these different dates floating around and things are changing, like, it can become a full-time job to kind of sort through what the law is today.

SHAPIRO: In August, the Supreme Court struck down the CDC’s federal eviction moratorium. And since then, evictions have spiked in some cities. Cristina Kim, the race and equity reporter at KPBS, talked to renters in San Diego, and she shares their stories in a two-part audio documentary. Hi, Cristina.


SHAPIRO: Before we dig into your local reporting, give us a sort of report card on these eviction bans and rental assistance programs across the country. How have they worked out for renters?

KIM: So it’s hard to answer that on a national level because, as with all things housing-related, it often looks really different de

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