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Virginia Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin was elected to stop critical race theory in public schools, and he has promised to do so in office. Yet the woman he’s appointed for state education secretary, Aimee Rogstad Guidera, has numerous professional and financial ties to organizations that underwrite the spread of critical race theory, a racist philosophy that pits Americans of different bodily hues against each other and smears those born into paler skin.

“Because of the national spotlight that was on Virginia, we saw people put their hand up all over the country” for his education secretary spot, Youngkin said in a recent interview about Guidera.

Guidera was the founder and longtime chief executive of the Data Quality Campaign (DQC). She ran the organization from 2005 until May 2018, when she left to pursue private consulting. Founding DQC is the biggest and most visible education-related job on Guidera’s resume.

Yet DQC is deeply tied to the political swamp on almost every education issue possible, including the Common Core debacle and racist critical theory. These are not just associational ties, but also major financial ties.

Despite repeated inquiries, Youngkin communications staff declined to answer specific questions for this article and instead directed The Federalist to a quote published in a Daily Wire article three weeks ago about other potential conflicts of interest between Youngkin’s education secretary and his stated education policies.

The Data Quality Campaign’s Founders

Guidera’s Data Quality Campaign was started in 2005 by key boosters of major failures in public education, including technocratic and useless school “report cards,” rigged student testing, the low-quality and legally suspect Common Core curriculum effort, federal data surveillance of children and their families, and saturating schools with race, sex, and resentment.

According to Achieve, DQC’s founding organizations included Achieve Inc., the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the National Governors Association (NGA), and The Education Trust, with major funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation used the CCSSO and NGA to push the nation into Common Core with nearly no votes by elected officials.

These founding organizations and major funders for DQC are also not surprisingly knee-deep in pushing critical race theory. For example, CCSSO’s last January wrote in a public letter, “As Americans, we are facing a global pandemic, racial injustices, and now an overt assault on our democracy and the peaceful transition of power.” That same email advertises the CCSSO’s “Anti-Racism Webinar Series” and “Digital Equity and Inclusion T

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