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Critical race theory is a decades-old concept used typically in higher education to examine how racism has shaped society.

CRT, as it is known, does not focus on the behavior of individuals. Rather, it examines how race has shaped culture, legal systems and policies to produce unequal outcomes.

Gov. Brian Kemp said he would work with lawmakers this session “to protect our students from divisive ideologies like critical race theory that pits kids against each other.”

Educators in K-12 public schools say they aren’t teaching CRT.

So what is this dispute about, and why is it surfacing now?

Why it matters

Conservative politicians and other CRT opponents have targeted school boards and are backing legislation that limits how race is taught. That this complex academic theory gained such a sudden foothold on conversations in kitchens and living rooms across the country illustrates the grip that “culture wars” over race and values have on Americans. It also shows how the battles are often fought in schools.

Conservative opposition

In the fall of 2020, President Donald Trump’s administration w

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