Editorial: On this MLK Day, let us keep trying to chisel out ‘stones of hope’ – Charleston Post Courier – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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Anyone who doubts the relevance of taking one day a year to honor civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. should have listened to last week’s discussion inside Charleston City Hall, as council members debated and ultimately advanced what one of them called “the most divisive thing we’ve done in these chambers in a long time.”

Those looking on heard a more than 90-minute-long discussion that showed how far we’ve come toward Rev. King’s vision of a colorblind society — one where our racial differences are more a matter of the historical record than an indicator of our current disparities in income, life expectancy, education and more. It also showed how far we still have to go — and how we can get there, albeit more slowly, awkwardly and even painfully than some of us might like. In other words, it’

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