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Simulation has become an educational gold standard within emergency medicine. The beauty of it is that EPs are given the complete Danger Room experience, an unbridled opportunity to rehearse critical skill sets in a low-impact environment.

EPs can gain confidence through repetition and bouts of constructive feedback for everything from megacodes and procedures to managing difficult patients. Even the oral board exams and the family of advanced life support certifications (such as ACLS, ATLS, and PALS) incorporate some degree of simulation. Simulation at its core is simply a tool to explore and improve upon our clinical insecurities in vitro. We must acknowledge the immense untapped potential of simulation to navigate complex issues in racial equity while we work to improve our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We have already begun using simulation to explore health equity concepts; cases now center transgender patients, patients with housing insecurity, and patients with limited English proficiency. The goal of simulating cases like these is to help learners develop language and soft skills that honor patient identity while accessing the appropriate resources (or performing clinical tasks) to deliver optimal care. Cases that address raci

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