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Jeff Church  |  Reno Gazette Journal

In spite of staunch denials and a refusal to share lesson materials, we now have proof that the WCSD is promoting the divisive skin color based critical race theory (CRT).

The Washoe County School District has repeatedly stated, “… let me assure you that neither critical race theory nor 1619 will be included. The disinformation campaign falsely reports that the supplemental material came from critical race theory …”

And “… the Board has directed the District to move in a direction that meets State requirements in a way that is not divisive to students or the community.”

We now have documents, called Equity 101, taken from the WCSD website, that show that the District’s denials are, at best, not accurate. Equity 101 is a mandatory training for all new teachers and many others, filled with divisive words and concepts based on CRT.

First, what is equity? Equity is not the same as “equality.” Rather, equity ensures an equal outcome for all — no matter the amount of effort, everyone gets a trophy. Equity goes against the American dream of working hard and succeeding. Equity is take from one and give to another.

Secondly, what is the divisive CRT? Do you own research, but the American Bar Association says that CRT challenges white privilege and addresses oppression based on skin color.

WCSD can never teach CRT if they control the definit

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