Critical race theory: Teachers union sues New Hampshire over teaching restrictions – The Washington Post – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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Escalating the conflict over the teaching of race, the American Federation of Teachers’ New Hampshire affiliate filed a lawsuit Monday charging that the state’s new law, restricting certain lessons, is unconstitutionally vague and an abridgment of free speech.

The New Hampshire law, signed over the summer, bans public schools from teaching that one’s race, sex or other characteristics are “inherently superior” to others, or that people are inherently racist, sexist or oppressive on account of their race, sex or other characteristics.

Parents or others who believe the teachers are in violation may sue school districts in court or file complaints with the state, which may discipline teachers. A conservative group called Moms for Liberty tweeted that it would pay $500 to the first person who “successfully catches a public school teacher breaking this law.”


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