Crisis in the Classroom: Decoding the critical race theory debate – News 5 Cleveland – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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Just a year ago, many Americans had probably never heard of the phrase critical race theory, but now it’s everywhere–exploding into the public consciousness and causing debates in communities nationwide, including in Ohio.

But why?

Some parents think it’s sending students the wrong message about our nation’s history and future.

“CRT claims that we’re a nation founded on white supremacy, patriarchy and oppression,” said Robin Blake, co-chair of Moms for Liberty Medina County. “Whereas you know, when we look at the real birth of our country, the Fourth of July 1776, you know, we were told all men are created equal as the creator created us.”

“I know that critical race theory is just a means to take capitalism out of this country to move into communism. And by telling us like, okay, the kids up here need to be brought down here,” said Jocelyn Coppock, co-chair of Moms for Liberty Medina County. “It’s equality. That’s what this critical race theory is about bringing equality which is communism.”

Moms for Liberty is a national nonprofit organization that’s stated mission is to organize, educate and empower parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.

Blake and Coppock both oppose

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