Consultant report documents Dallas’ racist housing history – Axios – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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A model of Price Hall Village, in 1959.
A model of Price Hall Village, in 1959. Photo: Afro American Newspapers for Gado via Getty Images

A consulting firm hired by the city has documented Dallas’ long history of racial discrimination in housing.

  • In an extensive report, TDA Consulting chronicles a variety of policy decisions over the last century-plus that have led to the racially divided city we have now.

Why it matters: Dallas is one of the least inclusive, most inequitable cities in the country when it comes to housing.

  • Southern Dallas, typically defined as the area south of Interstate 30, has about 64% of the city’s population but only accounts for 10% of the city’s total property value.
  • That area is home to a higher percentage of Black and Hispanic people than live in the city as a whole, according to an analysis of development in Southern Dallas by J.H. Cullum Clark, the director of the Economic Growth Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute.

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