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If you’ve been tapped into the news for any amount of time, you’ve seen performative moments by companies and cultural figures that are good in spirit but don’t move the needle toward advancing equity for all. Whether it’s kneeling with Kente cloth or singing the Black National Anthem, these moments are appreciated but are rarely the type of progress desired for the cause of social justice.

Medallia, however, isn’t lining up with the model of performative allyship. Support for underrepresented communities must be more than mere expressions and ill-guided funding. It must be intentional. Medallia is committed to this work with internal programming like ERGs and collaboration with external partners to offer necessary resources to its employees.

A recent partnership Medallia has engaged in is with Mandy Bynum, co-creator of the Race Equ(al)ity Index and CEO of BLCK VC. AfroTech had the opportunity to gather some keen insight from Bynum to learn more about this progressive asset.

The Right Perspective

As an experienced diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) advocate, founder and executive, Bynum has participated in her fair

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