City of St. Petersburg approves USF and community researchers’ recommendations on how to address systemic racism – University of South Florida – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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St. Petersburg City Council members are moving forward with a plan created by an interdisciplinary team of researchers coordinated by the University of South Florida on how to identify and address structural racism in the community.

Ruthmae Sears, associate professor in mathematics education and director of the Coalition of Science Literacy, and her fellow researchers presented the report, “The Examination of Historical and Modern-Day Impact of Structural Racism on the Lives of Black People in the City of St. Petersburg, Florida” to the city council. A resolution to act upon the recommendations of the report passed. Sears led a diverse team that included university and community researchers, racial justice advocates and student collaborators. These individuals documented relevant historical evidence, analyzed current  data trends, collected narratives from residents and activists, and wrote the final report.

“We are truly appreciative for the residents who willingly shared their personal experiences and provided insights into the best path forward for the city,” Sears said. “The experiences and wisdom of the community are essential to advancing the recommendations of this study, buildi

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