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Nathan Roggenbaum  |  Citizens’ Climate Lobby

The effects of climate change are starting to be seen more and more across the globe. Within the climate change movement, the realization that no one will be spared has become a persistent narrative.

There is also a wealth of historical evidence indicating that the negative consequences of changing climate will be experienced disproportionately. There is a direct correlation between wealth, homeland, and racial identity which impacts the climate change experience. This should not come as a surprise. Those groups of people who lack wealth and power have always been adversely impacted by environmental crises.

In the United States, Dr. Robert Bullard found in 1979 that the Black community in Houston, Texas, disproportionately suffered from pollution. Similarly, a 2019 study by Christopher Tessume et. al, concluded that Black Americans are exposed to 50 percent more air pollution than they cause, whereas Whi

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