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Opinion: It’s a bad idea to add voter-protected language to the constitution that could have major unintended consequences for Arizona schools.

Rebecca Gau  |  opinion contributor

A bill that has largely gone unnoticed until this week seeks to put the controversy over the teaching of critical race theory to a vote by Arizonans. 

Regardless how one views CRT, the proposed constitutional amendment by Arizona legislators is a flawed plan that should be abandoned. 

House Concurrent Resolution 2001 – on the agenda Tuesday before the Senate Education Committee – would refer a constitutional amendment to the ballot for the Nov. 8 election, making it voter-protected and placing a host of prohibitions and restrictions on what schools, colleges and universities can do. 

HCR 2001 is legislative overreach

HCR 2001 would ban students, teachers, employees or even job applicants from “making a statement of personal belief in support of … Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” beyond the U.S. 14th Amendment and prevent state agencies fr

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