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Inequality is one of the biggest threats our world faces. Urgent action is needed to accelerate inclusion in our societies, improving livelihoods and ultimately health and wellbeing outcomes for all.

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A more inclusive and representative world

Even before Covid-19 disrupted lives, inequalities existed across the world. The pandemic exacerbated these inequalities, highlighting racial iniquities and bringing gender inequality into focus as more women carried the responsibilities of caring for children and home-schooling.

We’re removing the barriers that prevent us getting to the world we want to see. First, we’re transforming our policies and practices to eliminate discrimination and bias in our workplace. We’re transforming our advertising, shattering stereotypes and enhancing representation.

And with 3.4 billion people using our products every day, it’s vital we also harness the power of our brands to help bring about a more inclusive and representative society for all people, no matter their gender, what they look like, who they love, or what their bodies can or can’t do.

Tackling issues like this is at the heart of Positive Beauty, our vision and strategy that champions a new era of beauty for our Beauty & Personal Care brands, which are crucial to delivering our new Unilever Compass goal on health and wellbeing.

Our health and wellbeing goal

Take action through our brands to improve health and wellbeing and advance equity and inclusion, reaching 1 billion people per year by 2030. We will focus on:

  • gender equity
  • race and ethnicity equity
  • body confidence and self-esteem
  • mental wellbeing
  • hand hygiene
  • sanitation
  • oral health
  • skin health and healing.

Whether it’s Dove Men+Care challenging stereotypes around dads, Vaseline championing better skincare for people of colour, Degree’s new deodorant for easy use by people with disabilities or Brooke Bond bringing people together over a cup of tea, more of our brands are taking a lead in promoting a more inclusive society.

Brooke Bond Red Label: Taste of Togetherness

Brooke Bond Red Label is one of India’s largest-selling tea brands. We strongly believe that a comforting cup of tea can help break down social barriers and bring people together.

At a time when Covid-19 patients and health workers faced prejudice and often hostility, Red Label’s Taste of Togetherness ad campaign in India attempted to shatter the stigma. Its simple message was: being told to ‘stay alone’ is not the same as being ‘left alone’.

Empowering women through our brands

Our Sunsilk brand campaigns to help girls gain the vision, support, skills and confidence needed to go beyond social limitations. So in partnership with the global NGO, Girl Rising, Sunsilk developed the Explore More Possibilities educational programme. This encourages girls to imagine a new way forward through education materials aimed at inspiring them in the classroom. It’s reached more than 56,000 young people from underserved communities in six countries.

Alan Jope, our CEO

Women’s equality is the single greatest unlock for social and economic development globally.

Alan Jope, our CEO

In Indonesia, our Sunlight brand partners with UN Women on the


digital platform. This is improving equal learning opportunities to empower women who want to start or grow their business.

Nearly two-thirds of registered Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia are managed by women. However, compared to businesses started by men, women-led MSMEs tend to be concentrated in low productivity, low value sectors. These female entrepreneurs can struggle

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