Areva Martin Shares Tips for Overcoming Workplace Obstacles in 2022 • EBONY – EBONY – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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Navigating the workplace as a Black person can be tough and extremely challenging. This is especially true if we take into account moving through these spaces with intersectional identities. For so long, our community has been conditioned to pick our battles and that there is not enough room to focus on multiple struggles at one time. How many times have we heard that we must work ‘twice as hard’ in order to gain what our white counterparts have in life? This is not only unfair but a complete disservice to ourselves. This ideology often subjects us to dealing with and tolerating petty nonsense, discrimination and even exerting this same energy toward each other. 

Because of this, Areva Martin—a CNN Legal Analyst whose television credits include co-hosting CBS’ daytime syndicated talk show Face the Truth, The Doctors, and her digital talk show, The Special Report with Areva Martin—has dedicated her work to shifting mindsets to positively and holistically occupy the industries and work environments we occupy. In her latest book

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