Are lawmakers pushing to censor discussions of race and gender in classrooms and the workplace? – Florida Phoenix – DC Initiative on Racial Equity
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Florida GOP lawmakers are working to expand provisions in the state’s Civil Rights Act to protect individuals from being subjected to certain instructional materials regarding race or sex in Florida’s classrooms and workplaces, potentially leading to civil actions or administrative proceedings.

At issue is an ongoing effort from the DeSantis administration to dictate how race and other topics are discussed in schools, as well as an increasing effort to limit the freedom of private businesses to make decisions for their companies.

Rep. Bryan Avila, a Republican who represents part of Miami-Dade County and the sponsor of HB 7, says that the legislation is an affirmation that people will not be judged by characteristics such as race or sex.

“This bill makes it clear, that in Florida, people will be judged as individuals — by their words, their characters, and their actions,” Avila said at a Wednesday House Judiciary Committee meeting. The bill passed 14 to 7 (with one vote missing), and with Democrats in opposition.

FL Rep. Dianne Hart. Credit: FL House of Representatives.

“This bill cripples the ability for teachers to teach effectively,” said Rep. Dianne Hart, who represents part of Hillsborough County

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