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EVERETT — Amid engineering and equity concerns, Everett City Council members are getting a little more time to consider implementing a camera traffic enforcement program on the books since 2008.

The city held off starting the Automated Traffic Safety Camera Program while legal challenges in other cities were settled. It then fell by the side as the council changed and dealt with other matters, until momentum on the red-light and school-zone cameras was revived in 2019.

If implemented, six intersections and Horizon Elementary School would get cameras. The intersections are: Broadway at 16th Street, 41st Street at Rucker Avenue, Evergreen Way at Casino Road, Evergreen Way at Fourth Avenue W, Seventh Avenue SE at Everett Mall Way and Evergreen Way at 112th Street SW.

The concentration of locations in south Everett has caused some concern. But city traffic engineer Corey Hert said four of the nine red-light cameras would be install

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