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Over the past two years, it has become ever more apparent that the success of Duke’s mission as an educational and research institution critically depends on our ability to make sustained progress in creating an equitable environment where all can learn, discover and grow. Quite simply, we cannot be the institution we aspire to be and continue to lead nationally and internationally if we do not meaningfully address disparities in the lived experiences of our staff, students and faculty.

Integrating racial equity in operations and efforts across the enterprise is a Duke priority. Given our location in the American South and our history as an institution that systemically excluded Black Americans from the opportunity to learn and teach at Duke until the 1960s, we have an obligation to actively dismantle remaining effects of that racist legacy. We lead with addressing racial inequities while being mindful of inequities related to gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ability status, or other identities. Focusing on the most pervasive form of marginalization in our community will positively impact equity for all.  The results of our first Climate Survey on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion reinforce the importance of addressing challenges facing Black and other underrepresented members of our community, particularl

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