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Terry Brooks  |  Louisville Courier Journal

This time of year, we all waver between setting New Year’s resolutions and simply dismissing the process as an inevitable failure. (Really?  No snacks after 8 p.m.?  I’m going to learn a new hobby?  And, of course, I’ll be at the gym by 6 a.m. at least four mornings a week!)

But “Psychology Today” lists several reasons why setting those new year’s goals are important:

1.    Goals are how things get done.

2.    Goals mean clarity.

3.    Goals give us meaning.

4.    Goals mean progress.

Let me respectfully suggest that Kentucky’s General Assembly get into the business of New Year’s resolutions, too: Ensure that policy wins result from the important work of the Commission on Race and Access to Opportunity.  This bipartisan group, established last year and thoughtfully led by Chairpersons Sen. David Givens and Rep. Samara Heavrin, has tackled their charge by exploring the issues and policy solutions based on data and pragmatism. If the good work of this group is to bear fruit, then the 2022 General Assembly must enact a distinct legislative agenda to begin to address systemic disparities in the commonwealth. 

To date, this group’s work has highlighted a set of issues that reflect common disparities by zip code and by skin color.  

More: Why Kentucky KIDS COUNT County Data Book dives into data by race for child well-being

As an example, the overall trendline for child poverty pre-pandemic in Kentu

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